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Posted on by Meghan Gerrity

3 Ways to Rock Vintage Plaid

Budget Friendly Vintage Plaid for Any Occasion

On Trend Tuesday – Plaid Edition

My love affair with plaid started in the 90’s grunge phase which also coincided with my fondness of looking like an 80 year old grandpa (I thought it looked so stylish at the time, but sadly I was mistaken.).

Today’s plaid trend gives you the 90’s grunge edge with a much more figure flattering sillouette. Here are a few of my favorite vintage pieces on Etsy right now that are on trend and budget friendly!

Evening – This darling piece from fringebetty on Etsy would be perfect for a cocktail party or wedding. The one shoulder design is super flattering and the print is classic.

WorkTheRareStitchUK has the perfect skirt for work that incorporates two current trends – the midi skirt and plaid print. It would be perfect paired with a solid top, tights and chunky gold tone jewelry.

DayFancyThatVintage’s camp shirt updates the grunge look while still giving your casual outfit an edge. The tailored top would be perfectly paired with skinny jeans or dark legings.

Posted on by Meghan Gerrity

5 Easy Ways to Winterize Your Wardrobe

5 Easy Ways to Winterize Your Wardrobe

I was at a rummage sale over the weekend and found a great BCBG poly shirtdress for $8! I had to snag the deal, but with its bright color palette, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to wear it till next summer. Luckily, I have a number of great staples in my closet that will allow me to carry this outfit throughout the seasons and below I give you the rundown on how to do the same.

  1. Leather Jacket – I bought a fab 70′s leather jacket at a thrift store down in Miami. You can score your own at thrift stores, or mass retailers nationwide. They are so versatile, easy to layer, and give you the warmth you need  for cool fall and winter nights. This little number on Etsy from JackJettVintageis exactly like the one I own!
  2. Wrap Sweater – You can pick one up at any local thrift store or mass retailer. I am loving this one on Etsy from dinalouisesf! They are so warm and cozy and take tank and short sleeved dresses from summer to winter in an instant.
  3. Hat – Knit hats are a great and inexpensive way to stay warm and transition outfits. You can pick them up anywhere or make one yourself (there are tons of free tutorials online, like the one I have linked from Red Heart Yarn).
  4. Tights/Leggings – My all time favorite closet staple. These HUE ones are my fav and have lasted me for several years (washing on cold and line drying). They are great to winterize summer dresses or skirts and can also be paired with winter wardrobe items as well.
  5. Boots – I have a great pair of vintage cowboy boots that I got at a Thrift Store in Manhattan a few years back. Riding boots are also a great investment and perfect for taking summer outfits through the seasons. These lovelies on Etsy from Time Bomb Vintage  would be perfect to winterize any outfit!

Even though I can’t have 80 degree temps all year long (until I move to Hawaii), at least my summer dresses don’t need to be banished to under-bed storage thanks to these great winterizing closet staples!



Posted on by Meghan Gerrity

Fresh New Scent for Summer from Ivanka Trump

I had the pleasure of sampling Ivanka Trump’s new namesake fragrance through People’s StyleWatch Style Hunters. I am in love with the warm, fresh, earthy vanilla and bergamot undertones. It will be my signature scent this summer.

What I liked best about the fragrance is that it lasted all day. I have tried countless perfume’s that start to fade as soon as I put them on, but this really stayed on all day. It also wasn’t overpowering. The perfume was just enough of a scent to have friends comment on how nice I smelled, but not to much that you feel like you can’t wear it if you are going on mass transit (my true test when choosing a perfume or lunch).

Ivanka Trump’s new scent will definitely be going with me everywhere this summer. A cute vintage bathing suit, some sunblock, and this super pretty pink bottle are all I need for a sexy summer day at the beach.

Posted on by Meghan Gerrity

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo at the Asbury Park Punk Rock Flea Market

Market will be held at the Stone Pony from 10- 4


We love a fantastic market close to home, and are thrilled to be part of the first ever Asbury Park Record Swap and Punk Rock Flea Market. The market will start at 10AM for  the hardcore treasure hunters with a $10 cover at the door. General admission will be at 11AM and cost $3.  Be sure to join us at the Stone Pony at 913 Ocean Ave in Asbury Park, NJ. All 20% off store coupons will be honored and we will have a 50% off rack for some amazing deals on summer vintage finds!


Posted on by Meghan Gerrity

Catch us at the Clover Market on 4/14 in Ardmore, PA

It was so hard to close the doors of our storefront this week, but thankfully we have The Clover Market to look forward on Sunday! It’s an amazing outdoor market with 100+ vendors selling all the vintage and handmade wares you crave!

We are so lucky to be a part of the event and delighted that we will be there for the next two installments on May 19th and June 9th!

Hope to see you there!

The Clover Market
Sunday 4/14 – 10AM-5PM
12 East Lancaster Ave. Ardmore, PA

The Clover Market 4/14 - 10-5PM - 12 East Lancaster Ave. Ardmore, PA

Posted on by Meghan Gerrity

Blue Hawaii Vintage says Aloha at theTrenton Punk Rock Flea Market

Blue Hawaii Vintage Clothing Rack at the TPRFM 

My husband and I had the pleasure of vending at the first Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market over the weekend and had such a blast! There were over 2000 people in attendance and over 40 vendors! The vendors were all so wonderful and sold everything from vintage records, to toys, to repurposed comic books, and handmade lip balm!

It was great to see so many familiar faces from Asbury as well as meet some of our facebook fans and industry idols all under one roof! We heard lots of great feedback on our products and what people wanted more of for next time.

Make sure to check out the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market website for more information on the next installment of the market that will take place in October. It promises to be bigger and better than the first time around and we can’t wait!

Grandma Style at the Market

Posted on by Meghan Gerrity

My New Cure for Winter Skin Woes

Now that the baby is a little older, I’ve started to get back into my normal routine. Running around in the bone-chilling temps between the store, flea markets, estate sales,  and meetings on top of taking care of the baby has really taken a toll on my skin. My hands have been dry, flaky, and cracking all over and the rest of me has been one big itchy, flaky mess.

The sample of Vaseline®’s Total Moisture™ Cocoa Radiant™ from People StyleWatch Style Hunters came just in time. I tried it for the first time this morning and noticed such an amazing difference in my skin. The dry patches are gone and it left my skin with a hint of iridescence that almost makes it glow. I’m really so happy to have found something that will keep me moisturized all winter long and smelling oh so yummy too!


Posted on by Meghan Gerrity

Light up your lashes this holiday season with Diorshow Mascara


I was thrilled at the opportunity to try Diorshow, Dior’s cult classic mascara through People’s Style Watch.

Diorshow Mascara

Diorshow Mascara - My lashes just look naked without it.

I started using Diorshow as soon as I got the sample and have been receiving compliments ever since. This is pretty amazing seeing as I have been getting zero sleep between having a newborn and being out of our house for 6 weeks due to the hurricane.

The mascara really seemed to plump up and lengthen my lashes. They looked better than when I had worn falsies for events in the past. What I liked even more was that it didn’t smudge off like my normal mascara but did actually come off easier when I went to remove it at night. Today I actually forgot to put it on before leaving the house and when I saw my reflection, I felt like my eyes were naked!

This past Saturday we had our holiday party and for the first time in months I actually dressed up and did my makeup. It felt great to dress up and wearing Diorshow really allowed me to get that vintage glam look I wanted and let me shine. It’s definitely a must have for any makeup bag and I plan on stocking up for holiday gifts this year!

Blue Hawaii Vintage Holiday Party

60s Glam for the Blue Hawaii Vintage Holiday Party

Posted on by Meghan Gerrity

Blue Hawaii Vintage Holiday Party

Happy Holidays! Join us on 12/8 from 5-9 for our second annual holiday party. This year donations will be accepted for Coastal Habitat for Humanity / ReStore. All guests who make a donation will be put into a drawing for a $100 Blue Hawaii Vintage gift card.


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VinTips – Vintage Fashion Video Series is Here!

I had the amazing pleasure of working with my college friend Lou from Spear & Magic Helmet Productions on a series of videos showcasing vintage styling and how-to.

Here are the first several in the series, let me know what you think!

Episode 1 – Where to Shop Vintage

Episode 2 – Vintage Clothing Care

Episode 3 – Vintage Shoes

Episode 4 – Vintage Hats

Episode 5 – Vintage Bags

- Meg

Posted on by Meghan Gerrity

Book Review – ‘Overdressed – The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion’ by Elizabeth L. Cline

Overdressed - The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion

Elizabeth L. Cline’s ‘Overdressed’ really opened my eyes to the truth behind the cheap fashions that line the racks at popular mass retailers nationwide.

Like the author, I too have been more than guilty of buying throw-away shirts and dresses in my 20′s that I would wear for a night out and (either because they fell apart in the wash, or I selfishly didn’t want to be photographed twice in the same thing) never wore them again. At the time, I never even thought twice about how my actions were affecting the environment or workers overseas.

Today, as a vintage clothing store owner, I thought I knew everything there was to know as to why consumers should and do shop vintage vs. new. I like wearing the retro clothes because I feel that doing so is better for the environment and the garments seem to hold up much better than today’s duds. Much to my surprise, I ended up learning so much more about the vintage clothing industry than I ever thought I would from a book focusing on modern fashion.

Cline details the fast fashion process from design, construction, and ultimately disposal of all things trendy. I had no clue how little of the process of US based clothing retailers actually took place on American soil.

I had been shopping and donating to Goodwill and Salvation Army thrift stores since before I could drive, but had no idea that they were so overloaded with clothing that they end up dumping some of the items literally and also send the rest to textile warehouses who in-turn resell the items both domestically and overseas. So, that pair of jeggings that I donated last month and swore someone else locally needed probably ended up overseas.

The book is such a great eye opener and really a great arguement for making the most of what you have, repurposing items in your wardrobe that you don’t currently wear as is, and buying second-hand merchandise. It’s a great read for those who love today’s fashions and those vintage loving fashionistas like myself.

So, even though that $5 flirty cocktail dress from H&M might seem like a steal, the idea of knowing that I’m contributing to less than ideal living conditions for those who worked on the items overseas and most likely adding more to the landfill in the near future makes me think twice and stick to wearing a fab vintage frock that was made in the US back in the 70s and still looks like a million bucks after a go in the washer.

Definitely pick up this book and discover the darker hidden side of today’s beautiful garments.


Posted on by Meghan Gerrity

Thrifty Baby – Great ways to save money and the planet when shopping for your little one.


We found out a few weeks ago that we are having a girl and were thrilled.  After seeing how fast my niece and friend’s children grew out of their clothes, I was determined to try and get as much as I could for baby from second-hand outlets.

I’ve loved buying gently used clothing since I was a kid.  As an adult, I’ve become much more aware of how buying from thrift and consignment stores can save money and the environment. If you do some digging, you can find great resources in your area that enable parents to buy gently used items while benefitting local charities, the earth, and your wallet.

  • Garage can help you plan out your route for all the sales you want to hit in one day. They aggregate data from, so you can filter by location and description (ex. baby, toddler, Asbury Park, NJ)
  • Thrift Stores – In addition to the super reasonably priced personally donated goods that are for sale at Goodwill, you can also find overstock from Target that they donate. I picked up brand newborn outfits from Carters with the original $10 tags for $2.50 each (Every week 2 different color tags are 50% off at Goodwill.) They have a large baby section with clothing and accessories for your little one.
    • Be sure to check out The Thrift Shopper website to locate the thrift stores in your area. Their listings also have customer ratings so you can see if a store is worth the trip.

NWT Newborn Outfits Purchased at Goodwill for $2.50 Each!

  • Consignment Stores – My favorite local store Squan Dry Goods in Manasquan, NJ has an entire store section dedicated to baby. You can find designer clothing for the little ones (think Lilly Pulitzer, Juicy Couture, etc.) for just dollars! To find a consignment store nearest you, ask around to other moms and do some old fashioned Google searching.
  • Charity/Community Sales – This past weekend I went to a local Just 4 Kids Consignment. Local moms sold their clothing for $1 each and proceeds benefit a local charity. We picked up over 10 outfits, washcloths, sleepers, a baby carrier, and carseat winter cover for less than $20 (see pic below)!  Check the garage sale section of your local Craigslist or local newspaper (print or online) for similar sales. They are great because they have multiple vendors, so you can find so many things under one roof!

10 outfits, washcloths, sleepers, a baby carrier, and carseat winter cover for $20 at a local charity sale!

  • Large-Scale Kids Consignment Sales – back in March, I hit up the Jersey Shore Kids Consignment Sale. I didn’t really know what I needed then, but I picked up a bunch of pregnancy journals and books as well as much needed summer maternity items. I got a fabulous polkadot 50’s inspired dress from Motherhood Maternity for only $4! My whole bill was under $20 for 5 outfits and a handful of books! I also found another local organization called the Jersey Kids Consignment Sale. Unfortunately, I found out about this one too late, but will definitely hit up their fall sale!
    • To find similar sales in your area, ask around or do a google search for – kids consignment sales + your state. That’s how I found the two local ones near us, and I can’t wait to hit them for years to come.


According to the USDA (, the 2010 national average cost of clothing a child from birth to 1 was $1,288. By cutting the cost dramatically by shopping gently used outlets, you could save at least $1000 a year on clothing your child!

Posted on by Meghan Gerrity

Eco Chic Maternity Style on the Cheap

I’m notoriously thrifty to begin with, so when we found out I was pregnant, I was dreading buying clothes that I would only wear for 4 months tops.

NWT Liz Lange for Target Dress found at Goodwill for $7!

I’ve found the best deals on new and gently used Maternity wear at Goodwill. My local stores in Bayville, Ocean, and Aberdeen, NJ have Motherhood Maternity tops and dresses from between $3-10/each and brand new Liz Lange for Target shorts, jeans, and tops starting at $3. The deals have helped me save a ton on my clothing budget! I’m going to wear the dress above for a friend’s baby’s birthday party this Saturday. It was on sale at Goodwill for $7 with Liz Lange for Target tags still attached for $28. My mom and I also saw the exact same dress at a Target near her priced at the original $28. Money saved – $21!

I’ve also done great at local Flea Markets and Rummage Sales. I picked up the super cute (gently worn) summer retro print polka dot Motherhood Maternity dress for only 4 dollars! Other must-sees for maternity steals are local consignment stores, garage sales, local kids consignment/charity sales.

Gently worn Motherhood Maternity dress found at Flea Market for $4

To stay as eco-conscious as possible, go for the gently worn items to fill your maternity wardrobe. If you come across the NWT items and purchase, you are still helping out the environment by saving them from a life in a landfill and saving money in the meantime.

Top 5 tips for eco chic maternity wear

  1. Wash all clothes before wearing  – I wash everything before use. Most go in the washing machine, but for delicate fabrics, I was them by hand in the sink and line dry with woolite.
  2. Stay season appropriate – While you may start shopping early for maternity wear, make sure you are cognizant of what season it will be in the later months of your pregnancy. I found out I was pregnant in January when there were tons of maternity sweaters everywhere, but it didn’t make sense for me to buy them since the bulk of my pregnancy would be in the Spring/Summer.
  3. Double duty wardrobe – Long flowy tops, open drapey sweaters, yoga pants, maxi dresses and anything empire waist are garments that you might currently have in your closet that you can do double duty with during your pregnancy.
  4. Patience – some thrift and consignment stores have specific maternity sections (using the term loosely as this could be 1/10th of a rack), but in addition to checking out the specific maternity section, take your time looking through the other clothing sections. I’ve found great tops and dresses hidden in with the ‘normal’ clothing. So a little extra time searching can equal lots of extra money left in your wallet and a cute new maternity wardrobe!
  5. Good measure – Knowing your measurements and/or carrying measuring tape on your shopping excursions will definitely prove worth your while. I found out that even though I would normally be a ‘large’ in non-maternity garb, I was fitting into ‘small’, ‘medium’, and ‘large’ maternity clothes. They vary greatly in size by designer. If you don’t know your measurements, definitely spend the extra 5 minutes and try on the pieces in a fitting room. It will help you from spending on items that don’t fit and also on passing up on something that size wise you think wouldn’t fit, but actually looks fantastic on you!

I hope these tips help you find a budget and earth-friendly maternity wardrobe that has you looking eco-chic through all 9 months! Let me know if you have any other eco/budget friendly tips for mamas-to-be!


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How to Score a Sweet Vintage Bathing Suit for Your Budget

Bathing suit shopping is one of those dreaded tasks that you know you have to do, but you wish you could just put it off a little longer till those darn 5lbs finally went away.

Vintage Neon 80s and Green 70s Bathing Suits

With summer unofficially here, it’s time to suck it up (and in) and find a flattering vintage suit for your figure. Retro suits have so many reasons to love them. In addition to saving valuable resources and landfill space, vintage bathing garments are made of high quality materials and allow you to pay homage to the past while looking absolutely fabulous (Added bonus – no one at the pool will have the same suit! So this year, there will be no comparing yourself to that little 14 year old size 0 by the snack stand that has the same suit as you on.).

Newer ‘vintage’ bathing suits are the easiest to find and are in the best shape because they aren’t that old. You can find early 90s and 80s suits at your local thrift or vintage store for a decent price ($15-$50) that look practically new. With neon all the rage, it is hard sometimes to tell the difference. Make sure that the garment was made in the USA and has tags that look older (a website URL or cheaply printed tag is a dead giveaway that it’s something newer than early 90s).

My sweet spot is for 60s and 70s suits. They are harder to find than the 80s suits and the price is reflective (starting at $35+). Still all in all, you can find a great deal on a 60s suit that will hold up for seasons to come.

Anything 50s or older is hardest to come by and the highest priced (starting at 100+). There are some darling 20s suits out there, but unless you have at least a few thousand to play around with, a reproduction might be your best bet if that is your favorite style.

Vintage Floral 60s / 70s Bathing Suits

Best Places to Score Sweet Vintage Bathing Suits (I’ve added links to my favorite sites to find amazing deals)

So scour your favorite vintage spot, pick up a killer suit, and let your inner bombshell out! You’ll be happy you did!



Posted on by Meghan Gerrity

Flea Market and Estate Sale Survival Guide – Top 10 Things to Pack


As soon as the temperatures start rising you know it’s Garage/Estate/Flea Sale Season! It’s my favorite time of year to find great buys on fantastic vintage clothing, costume jewelry, and antiques for the house.

Besides lots of rest the night before, here is what I bring with me to Flea Markets and other sales:

  1. List – Sales can be overwhelming, so having a list of items that you are looking for will help you keep focus and your spending in check. There are great apps like Wunderlist to keep track of what you are looking for. And, as always, the old pen and pad does just fine.
  2. Sunscreen – Most likely you’ll be spending time in the sun and you don’t want to worry about getting a burn since all your energy will be focused on getting the best deal on that fab 50s purse! Try Alba’s mineral block (no icky chemicals get absorbed into your skin).
  3. Water – I always have water or a large iced tea in the car. It is normally a pain to carry with you to the open-air markets, but if you are going to be walking around for a while, it is a must.
  4. Cash – Some sales only take cash, so it’s best to hit the bank on the way
  5. Reusable Bag – Ecobags are my favorite for markets. They are small and fit in your purse and you can bring a bunch incase you find the mother load of deals. Other handmade or store resusable bags are great options and allow you to carry more than a flimsy plastic bag which can break with the weight.
  6. Business Cards – I always keep cards on hand because you never know who you are going to meet. Cards are also good to give a vendor who doesn’t have what you are looking for at the moment, but might get it in stock shortly. Try Moo’s line of minicards, they really stand out from the crowd!
  7. Market Layout Map – Some of the larger Flea Markets and Rummage Sales now have snazzy maps. They are great so you can find what you want and not waste time in tents or areas filled with items that aren’t your fancy.
  8. GPS – The best sales are often not in your local area or big city. Make sure to have a GPS on hand to navigate to the out of the way sales that can have the best finds!
  9. Measuring Tape – I’m new to the measuring tape band wagon, but it’s really helpful for making sure that furniture will fit in your house and clothing will fit without giving everyone a show.
  10. Phone / Camera Phone – Markets and sales are a great idea for inspiration. I always have something to take pictures with on hand so I can reference it later.

Happy bargain hunting!

Posted on by Meghan Gerrity

Summer Hair Care Must Have – Aveda Damage Remedy™ Daily Hair Repair

With summer fast approaching and the wedding and event season in high gear, my locks have been taking a beating day in and day out. I was thrilled to try Aveda’s Damage Remedy™ Daily Hair Repair through the Vogue Influencer network. I’ve seen a dramatic difference in my hair after using it for a week. My hair seems softer and silkier and I feel more at ease when styling knowing that I have the protection of the Daily Hair Repair. Definite must have for your summer beauty arsenal!

Posted on by Meghan Gerrity

10 Best Repurposed Vintage Suitcase DIYs

Vintage suitcases have so many uses. These 10 great DIY tutorials have you covered from the obvious travel and storage, to a new bed for your pet, to new shelf space for your living room. I can’t wait to try one this week!

Floral suitcase tutorial from A Beautiful Mess

1. Great quick and easy tutorial from the awesome blog A Beautiful Mess.

Picnic basket made from vintage suitcase tutorial from funkytime.

2. Repurposed vintage suitcase as fun retro picnic basket tutorial from funkytime.

Red Hen Home DIY for vintage suitcase shelving.

3. Repurposed vintage suitcases as shelves tutorial from Red Hen Home.

Soft and comfy chair from vintage suitcase DIY from see kate sew

4. Repurposed vintage suitcase as soft and cozy chair tutorial from see kate sew.

Beautiful revamped dresser with vintage suitcases from The Painted Home

5. Dresser drawers replaced with vintage suitcases from The Painted Home.

Beautiful vintage suitcase dog bed tutorial from mox & fodder

6. Super quick and easy dog bed tutorial from a vintage suitcase from mox & fodder.

Functional storage table from vintage suitcase DIY from Good Housekeeping

7. Functional vintage suitcase table tutorial from Good Housekeeping.

Vintage cosmetic case turned docking station tutorial from Design Sponge

8. Vintage traincase docking station tutorial from Design Sponge.

Vintage chic suitcase nightstand from Cupcakes and Cashmere

9. Soft and pretty stacked vintage suitcase nightstand from Cupcakes and Cashmere.

Bathroom vanity from vintage suitcase tutorial from Design Sponge

10. Vintage suitcase vanity and towel holder DIY from Design Sponge.

We have a great selection of vintage suitcases for $20+ at Blue Hawaii Vintage. Stop by our store or email for details so you can get working on one of these tutorials ASAP!

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Vintage Umbrellas and Parasols…. Oh my!


Since opening my store, I’ve come across so many amazing vintage finds that I couldn’t have dreamt of before! I picked up a stellar beach umbrella from the 60s at an estate sale last year (I was way too jealous when I saw a super stylish vintage maven on the beach in Ocean Grove, NJ with one the summer before). Today, I picked up a super cute black parasol at a sale. It is super ornate, with a gold design on the handle. So chic!

What I love about vintage parasols and umbrellas is that since they weren’t used as much as other items (as opposed to items that were used every day which are harder to find in mint condition, ex. lingerie, briefcases), they are usually in great shape. The price tag can sometimes reflect the amazing condition, but if you do some digging you can find some amazing pieces! Estate sales and flea markets are the best to find killer deals on these beauties, but if you are looking for quality without the hassle, definitely try a vintage store or Etsy. If you go the store route, you can always call ahead to make sure that they have some in stock before you head out the door.

So stand out on the beach or have the best umbrella in the office umbrella stash by scoring a vintage umbrella of your own!

Here are a few of my current favorites from Etsy:

Fabulous 60's Beach Umbrella from InWithTheOld on Etsy

Beautiful Black Parasol from CoyoteMarmalade on Etsy


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Mad Men Fashion and Beauty for the Masses


I’m so psyched for our Mad Men viewing party on 3/25 and I seem to come across references to Mad Men everywhere I go! While I prefer the actual vintage frocks from the 60′s to wear and am addicted to the retro inspired Besame Cosmetics makeup line, there are so many options now where you can buy new garments and makeup that pay homage to the timeless style of the 60′s.

Some people prefer these options because in terms of clothing,  they have never been worn and you can easily find the style in various sizes unlike true ‘vintage’ pieces which are usually only found in one size due to the rarity of the item. For the makeup lover, the new makeup lines can make it slightly easier to buy, but beware because limited editions are ‘limited’, so if you want a lipstick that you can wear season after season, you might want to stick with an established line, so you know you can get it when you need it.

Banana Republic has its latest Mad Men collection currently in stores and the price points are really reasonable. This cute pink number is very wearable and the perfect pop of color for Spring!

Betty Dress in Future Pink - $150


Estee Lauder is also getting on the Mad Men bandwagon with a line of makeup debuting on March 18 and available on and only. This dreamy line will have a limited-edition Estée Lauder Mad Men Collection Crème Rouge, a cream blush, and a lipstick in Cherry. All will be adorned with delightfully 60′s gold packaging and the lipstick will come in the traditional bullet casing with a carrying gold pouch according to

Estee Lauder's Mad Men Collection

So put on your Mad Men makeup and Betty inspired dress and get comfy for the 2-hour season premiere on 3/25 at 9PM on AMC!


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Tips from the Experts on Running a Successful Resale Business


The thought of starting my own business was daunting. There are so many things to consider in terms of size, locaiton, merchandise, etc. It’s hard to know where to even start. Luckily, I have an amazing group of friends and family that were able to connect me with other business owners in the community and learn from their experiences. I also did research online and still research on a weekly basis to improve my business.

I was thrilled to recently come across an article from Software Advice–an company that reviews consignment software. In their blog, Michael Koploy wrote ‘Five Tips for a Successful Consignment Store‘. It is such an insightful article and I was able to pull several items from the article that can help me take my business to the next level. Aligning with a national organization like NARTS is a great way to meet other peers in the resale. industry and pick their brain on issues you are facing. Also, thinking of other similar local businesses as allys rather than competitors is key. Aligning with them and doing join events is a great way to promote the area and your collective businesses.

A great example of how a ‘competitor’ helped me out was with regards to creating a contract for consignors. When I first started consigning items, I didn’t have a contract and  took garments on good faith. This model didn’t work out well and I had issues with keeping track of the inventory and also having the consigners pick up their items in a timely fashion if they didn’t sell. After talking with a local business woman about my issues, she showed me links online of consignment agreements and I was able to use them as a template and come up with my own contract terms which I now use with every consignor that does business with the store. It’s helped out tremendously and I wouldn’t have even know that such contracts existed if I didn’t reach out to local businesses for advice.

Has anyone else had similar experiences with gaining industry knowledge from their peers? What other advice do you have for starting and/or growing your resale business?

Blue Hawaii Vintage Storefront

Posted on by Meghan Gerrity

Vintage Valentine Style


I love holidays! Valentine’s Day is one of my faves because of the abundance of yummy conversation hearts and chocolate. Ok, maybe I just like candy, either way, you can’t go wrong.

I wanted to update the store window with some festive color and this is what I came up with. Let me know what you think!

Vintage 60's Saks Fifth Avenue Leather Poncho

Vintage 50s Mexican 3-piece dancing outfit along with a vintage men's windbreaker

Vintage 70s poly day dress in crimson with a repurposed vintage necklace in red and white beads

Posted on by Meghan Gerrity

Madonna Gives a Vintage Nod to Liz Taylor at Superbowl Halftime Performance


I was disappointed that my favorite team the New York Jets were not in the Superbowl this year, but Madonna’s throwback nod to Liz Taylor’s Cleopatra character from the 1963 Academy Award winning film of the same name got me up off my seat and pumped for the second half of the game.

Liz Taylor in the 1963 film Cleopatra



Madonna channeling Liz Taylor in Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy

All of Madonna’s halftime attire was Givenchy Haute Couture by Riccardo Tisci and absolutely stunning!

Thanks to Madonna for an amazing performance of her great retro classics “Vogue” and “Like a Prayer” and for giving all of us vintage lovers something to get excited about!


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Double Duty Rouge


I started wearing Besame Cosmetics’ Crimson Cream vintage inspired rouge a few months back and also started stocking it in the store. For $22, it’s a great buy as it doubles as both a blush and lip stain. I was skeptical at first using one product for both, but it actually works out great. Wearing the color on your cheeks give you a slight pink dewy glow. If you want a darker look on your cheeks, you can apply more of the rouge. I love the way it feels on your lips too. It’s almost like a lip balm more than a lipstick feel. It’s super moist with a little shine and loads of great color.

The crimson retro color is not as red as a true red, but not as pink as lighter shades. It’s the perfect inbetween color to take you from day to night.

Below is the latest writeup of the product in the February 2012 issue of Marie Claire as well as two shots of me on New Year’s Eve wearing it. I like a really light blush look and loads of color on my lips, so I applied accordingly. It went great with my vintage 60′s mother-of-the-bride embellished sheath dress (and matching jacket not shown) and Nana’s rhinestone clip-on earrings. Now I’m on the quest to find other double duty products that can save me time in my beauty routine!


Marie Claire February 2012 Issue Mention of Besame's Crimson Rouge

Wearing Besame Crimson Rouge

Besame Crimson Rouge on Cheeks and Lips


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Sweet Vintage Sweaters

I absolutely am a total sucker for anything with do-dads (as I call them). Vintage embroidered sweaters never disappoint and are adorned with pretty appliques, beads, and/or lots of sequins!

I was trying to find a cute vintage outfit the other night for a holiday benefit party and wanted something casual but still fun. I opted for black skinny jeans and paired them with this cute yellow vintage acrylic sweater. The thing is itchy as heck, but it looks so darn cute and was bearable with a long-sleeved layering top.

Caring for Vintage Sweaters

I picked up my yellow sweater at a local flea market several years back and it has held up extremely well throughout several washings. Key to taking care of these delicate garments is handwashing in cold water and woolite dark so the colors don’t bleed. I’ve also heard Ivory liquid soap is another great alternative. I put the majority of my vintage garments on a wood drying rack to air dry. This keeps them looking fab for years to come.

You can find vintage sweaters at most thrift stores, vintage stores, and local flea markets. The good ones will run you about $50+, but you can get a decent one similar to what I have on for around $20.

Moth Patrol

The biggest piece of vintage shopping advice I can give people is to ‘check the garment throughly’. I can’t tell you how much time and effort I’ve spend finding the most amazing dress, coat or sweater only to take it out in the light and find it covered with moth holes.  A whole or two can be easily fixed (check out this tutorial - It’s my go-to for repairing pesky moth holes), but it really isn’t worth the time or effort to care for something with more than a few holes. Check even in the most reputable of dealers. I found moth holes in countless garments at the high-end LA stores I went to on vacation. A little detective work in the store will save you time in the long run!

Stay warm!



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Beauty Boot Camp at Chakra Salon and Spa


I admit it, I’ve been a wash and go girl basically all my life. So, when I heard about a Beauty Boot Camp at Chakra Salon and Spa (conveniently located across the street from Blue Hawaii Vintage in Asbury Park, NJ), I couldn’t say no!


Nancy and Steph 'before' boot camp.

My friend Steph, her friend Nancy and I headed out last night to learn great tips, techniques, and tools to help us tame our tresses.

Ray, the owner of Chakra started the night off with a great talk on the three P’s of styling your own hair – Patience, Practice, and Product. I of course lack all three, so I was nervous, but excited to learn more.


Me sneaking a mirror pic of stylist Cookie helping The Dawg Joint's Cindy tame her tresses.

Kelly, one of Chakra’s stylists taught Steph, Nancy, Cindy from The Dawg Joint, myself and other guests how to dry our hair with a round brush (The thicker the barrel, the better for drying medium-long length hair. (I realized I was using one that was too small and that was why it wasn’t working as well.) She was so patient with us newbies and we all left with amazing looking locks and great tips like:

  • Blow dryers with nozzle attachments help concentrate the airflow and eliminate frizz when used correctly.
  • Always point the nozzle of the dryer down the hair shaft. Blowing air towards the roots will only make the hair frizzy.
  • Ceramic or metal round brushes allow you to get more curl and set the hair, but for a newbie, wooden round brushes work best so you don’t expose your hair to too much heat.
  • Root lifter is essential to add volume to fine hair. Kelly used Purology’s product, but I also have used Pantene’s root lifter with similar (but not quite as voluminous) results.

Ray and Cookie helping out Cindy at boot camp.

Thanks to Timitra, we also learned the power of massage and how it can really help you destress and relax during the crazy holiday season.

Definitely stop by Chakra Salon the next time you need pamper yourself or even get a quick trim. They are so awesome, and the ambiance is so relaxing, it makes it hard to leave.  Make sure to follow their facebook page to learn more tips and happenings at their salon.


Thanks so much to Ray, Kelly, and all the Chakra staff for hosting such an amazing girls night out and giving us the tools for perfecting our look. It was this vintage girl’s dream come true.

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Tea Time at Tranquil Garden Tea Room

I had the pleasure of having tea in Ocean Grove today at the Tranquil Garden Tea Room. I had the amazing Coconut Vanilla Tea and my hubby Craig tried the English Breakfast Tea. We both were thrilled with our choices and it was a great little oasis from the usual go-go-go of the everyday.

Owner Pat Betty has great plans for the future of the space with a Caribbean and Latin American Tea tasting on 11/19/11 at noon, book clubs, and tons of other fun events in the works.

In addition to a great selection of teas, the Tranquil Garden Tea Room has a great selection of sandwiches, scones and other pastries!  Enjoy them seperately or o as a traditional English tea complete with three-tiered china.

Before you leave, don’t forget to check out the amazing array of aromatherapy oils and books for sale.

It was a trip back in time with amazing vintage china, furniture, and amazing service!

Tranquil Garden Tea Room is located at 62A Main Ave in Ocean Grove, NJ and is open from 11:30AM-5:30PM Friday-Wednesday. Reach them at (732) 308-8159 or on their website.

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DIY Beehive Take One

I’m going to a wedding with the hubby tonight and needed an updo that wouldn’t move in today’s brisk winds. I was inspired by the beehive that I got earlier in the week and used this amazing tutorial by Johnny Lavoy on how to create a 60s bouffant in minutes. It really worked.  After I dried my hair, it literally took 5 minutes to create and it’s lasted all day. Johnny’s tutorial is the easiest I’ve found (after hours of searching) and it’s really doable by yourself.

DIY Beehive Front View

I added a little glam to my look by adding a silver headband I picked up at Harmon’s for $2 (Side-note – you can use your Bed Bath and Beyond coupons at Harmon’s Face Values and you can use one coupon for each item you purchase. Saved me a bundle!). They had tons to choose from. Another option would be to make a DIY headband from sparkly trim as seen in this post.

Vintage heels (40s from Etsy), earrings (60s from Nana) and necklace (20s from my great-Nana). Dress is Anthropologie circa 2008 and tights are DKNY.

To get the look, I blow dried my hair until it was completely dry. Then I sectioned my hair like the tutorial. I made a high pony out of the back half of my hair, and made that into the base of the hairstyle by teasing it with a boar bristle brush and pinning it into place. Lastly I went crazy teasing with the boar bristle brush (from Harmon’s) on the front half of my hair and pinned it back against the base to create height and shape it the way I wanted.  I left it a little messy, but did brush the front slightly smooth so there weren’t any fly aways.

Side profile showing height and shape of DIY Beehive...buzzz.....

I would definitely recommend the video tutorial to anyone looking for a quick and easy way to get glam for the night.  I’ve been getting so many compliments in the store today, so I think my first DIY try was a success!  If you do try the beehive yourself, definitely share your pics on our facebook page here. We’d love to see how it worked for you! Sorry my pics are fuzzy, I think the 7am photoshoot was a little to early for my hubby this morning :)

View from the back. Messy but polished.



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60′s Beehive Updo Made Easy

It’s no secret that I am obsessed with Betty Draper and Joan Holloway from Mad Men on AMC. They are such strong, sexy women with incredible fashion sense and glam hair. I have been stuck in a rut with my hair for years. It’s super straight and ultra fine which = EXTREMELY BORING! I’ve always wanted to add the beehive look to my arsenal, but thought it would be too hard to pull off for the novice. I finally learned otherwise this past Wednesday night.

Meghan before with sad flat hair :(

My friend Maria and I were lucky enough to go to A Little Wicked‘s blogger event where the darling Siobhan from Wonderland Beauty Parlor was dolling out fab retro ‘dos to the ladies and gents in attendance.  I told her to do whatever she wanted and I cam out with this ultra mod 60′s beehive / bouffant!  After a few seconds of shock after seeing my hair actually have volume, I fell in love with the look and am going to try and replicate it for a wedding I have this weekend (pics to follow on Monday).

Who knew getting teased could be so fun!

Siobhan used a brush like this to backcomb my locks and give them super volume.  When I’ve tried using a rat tail comb, it always took forever, so I was delighted to find out that it takes no time to tease your hair with the brush.

Perfecting the bun

She put the bulk of my hair in a bun and styled the top half (from my ears forward) really high and pinned the pieces around the bun.  She did the whole look in minutes which was so impressive and really inspired me to start creating looks like this on myself. See you later limp locks!

To get this look be sure to have the following:

Ponytail Holder – to create the bun which serves as the base of the style

Aerosol Hair Spray – spray each section after teasing as well as the final look to keep it secure all night long

Bobby Pins - you’ll need pins to hold the style itself and pins to put the stray pieces in place

Eat your heart out Don Draper!


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Getting A Little Wicked in Manhattan

Last night one of my besties Maria and I had the pleasure of stopping by A Little Wicked in Manhattan and checking out their amazing blogger event. Since opening the store, I miss my days of being in the city and it was such a treat to go in for the night!

I wore these amazing 60s enamel clip on flower/rhinestone earrings, my Nana’s locket necklace, and and Ivory bracelet. I paired the jewels with a 60′s pink and grey striped wool dress, 50′s patent leather handbag, and 80′s slouchy black leather heels.  So fun!

Meghan with Bianca from A Little Wicked

Bianca and Robyn were so warm and gracious, going into their store felt like coming home. If you are in NYC, you must check out their vintage store.  The store is amazingly open and airy for being in the middle of Manhattan and carries tons of women’s vintage clothing, accessories and jewelry. I loved the ethnic printed sweaters, furs, and amazing leather boots.  I got a real earthy vibe from the collection and was so excited to find two people as obsessed with vintage as I am!

Meghan and Maria with Sammy from Sammy Davis Vintage

I found out about the event through the super rad (never really use those two words together, but it really describes her) Sammy Davis from Sammy Davis Vintage. She is really such an inspiration to me.  I love her approach to vintage as attainable and not stuffy and snooty as some vintage experts can make you feel. Definitely check out her website and how-to videos. They are chock-full of great advice on getting the vintage look on a budget.

I also got my Betty Draper on thanks to the lovely Siobhan Benson from Wonderland Beauty Parlor! Watch out Don!

I’m back in Jersey for the weekend, but was so happy to have gotten A Little Wicked last night!

Party shot from A Little Wicked - 279 E. Houston St. in Manhattan



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Best iPhone Apps for the Vintage Clothing Lover

On the heels of my Best Vintage Websites post, here is my list of amazing apps that every vintage fashionista must have in their pocket at all times!

Top 5 Vintage iPhone Apps I Love!

Gsalr - Mobile companion for their online site, this app is super helpful for finding garage/yard/estate sales on the go.  The app aggregates listings from Cragislist, etc. and gives you details of each sale along with the sale hours and address. It combines with the iPhone’s GPS to give you detailed routes to the sales and from sale to sale! This is my go-to app for sales!

Thrift Buddy - Was really a lifesaver when I was at my brother’s in PA. I was itching to find local thrift stores, but was having trouble finding them listed online. This app pulls Thrift store listings for you based on zip code and gives you mapped out directions using iPhone’s GPS.

Yelp - Yeah for yelp! This app not only can find the best vintage stores in your location, but it can also help you find a bite to eat after and where to go for your next eye exam. Basically it is the go-to app for brick-and-mortar establishments. Just allow the app to use your location, type in what you are searching for ‘vintage store, thrift store, consignment store’ and find a rated store in your area! Genius!

Buffalo Exchange - I’m a little obsessed with Buffalo Exchange.  I frequent their midtown Manhattan location and always find the best vintage pieces! It’s also a great place to buy, sell, and trade your own vintage and new clothing and accessories.  Their prices are so reasonable, and the staff is amazing and so patient with my always numerous questions. This app allows you to find a location in your area and get the latest news on sales and events at the stores!

Goodwill (Greater Washington) - So jealous of my DC friends.  This app lets you connect with the Goodwill stores of the Washington D.C. area and do everything from find locations and directions through the iPhone’s GPS, find out what’s new on Goodwill’s facebook and twitter site and even donate to the charity. A new goodwill just opened up by me in New Jersey and they are really great places to thrift some one-of-a-kind vintage pieces while giving back to an amazing cause!

Honorable Mention

iLocate Consignment - Yes, the $1.99 iTunes price tag did make my skin crawl, but this is a really useful no-frills (wish it was free) listing and directions (via GPS) on thrift stores in your area. There are no ‘vintage clothing store’ apps, so this one is the only one that comes pretty close. When I allowed the app to use my location, it brought up a ton of vintage and consignment shops in my area and all were reputable stores that I trust!



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Best Websites to Score Amazing Vintage Clothing Finds

Even though I prefer the fashions of 50 years ago, technology has made it much easier to find amazing vintage pieces.

Below is a listing of my Top 5 best websites for continually scoring awesome vintage pieces!

Top 5 Vintage Websites I Love!

Etsy – Holy grail of vintage fashion. This eBay for the vintage and handmade set is chock full of everything from thousand dollar vintage estate jewels to dollar belt bargains. The site allows you to filter by item, price, and even local sellers in your area! My favorite aspect of Etsy and the reason I solely list my vintage items on it is that there is a real sense of community.  I’ve had buyers send me fabulous pics of them wearing my pieces. It’s so cool and even though I have bought and sold pieces all over the world, it makes you feel connected with the Etsy community.

Craigslist - I use Craigslist for just about everything. You can search in your area for anything vintage related from garage sales, to clothing, to antique furniture. I’ve met the greatest sellers through the site. You can find amazing deals if you do some digging. I actually prefer the estate sales and garage sales listed through the site because most of the time, they are not run by a third party, so you can get some steals. – Fantabulous website listing garage and estate sales. Filter sales by geographic location and day of the week. Gsalr aggregates other sites like Craigslist’s posts for sales and filters them up in an easy to digest pinpointed map where you can click on each individual sale and get more details. The site also lets you map out your route and print out directions to and from multiple sales. Genius! (PS – It also has a companion app. See below.) – Estate sale companies list their events on this site. You can filter by state or zip code to find sales in your area. I love this site because they list up to several months ahead, so you can plan out your road trips accordingly!

Rubylane – The site reminds me of Etsy’s older sister who lives in a house in New England while Etsy is still in her stylish SoHo apartment. The site carries only high end antiques, vintage clothing and jewelry. It is very well curated and can give you an idea of what to look for when you are out at garage sales/thrift stores/vintage shops or if you have the cash, it’s an excellent place to buy top notch pieces!

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Let it Snow

Bundling up for the upcoming storm.

It’s only October, but the forecast for this weekend is calling for several inches of snow in the Northeast. I finally kissed my bare leg days goodbye and pulled out all of my leggings and tights from my closet.

I love mixing the old with the new when creating looks. I found this amazing hat store in downtown Denver called Goorin Brothers. My hubby and I picked up a hat each. The prices are reasonable and they are made really well. The store dates back to 1895 so they still abide by the same quality standards from years past. They carry a ton of vintage styles as well as more modern pieces. I thought the black cloche style hat (similar to this Tina Flapper hat, but it was only around $50) would go perfect with a vintage 60′s black tweed coat that I picked up from a friend. They look amazing together! I paired them with my Etsy (that I resoled) leather boots that I picked up for $25 and together they really allow for the old and new to look seamless (and wallet friendly).

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Rainy Day Chic

Decked out in my vintage bubble 60s umbrella and rain slicker ready for the floods!

I am the worst when the weather goes south. I wish New Jersey had California’s weather, but until then I have to get creative to make our numerous rainy days more bright! I was off to our Lousy Bowling league yesterday (yes that is the actual name, and with my high score of 44 yesterday, it’s nothing if not accurate) and of course was not prepared for the sudden downpour as I closed up the shop. I pulled a few things from the store and came up with this lovely look that kept me dry all night!

I paired a vintage 60′s bubble umbrella ($30 in the store) with a rain jacket I picked up at a garage sale ($5) with some great leather vintage boots that I got on Etsy and resoled ($25). Vintage umbrellas are a really good buy because they were made much better than today’s bargain brands and they look fabulous! What more could you ask for!

Bring on the rain!

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Asbury Flea


Join us on 10/10 from 10-4PM at the Asbury Park VFW on 701 Lake Avenue in Asbury Park, NJ for the Merchant’s Flea Market.  Local retailers will sell their overstock for drastically reduced prices.  Come find some amazing deals and mingle with the locals!

Vendors and others that would like more info, please email


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Mother Nature Just Won’t Quit

Post Irene Storefront

The Blue Hawaii gang somehow came through an earthquake and hurricane in the same week and still ended up no worse for wear! Our hearts go out to all those who are still dealing with Irene’s after effects. Darn girl just won’t take a hint and go away!


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Move over Mad Men, Pan Am is Taking Flight

On the heels of AMC’s successful Mad Men drama, ABC has been developed their own retro drama to debut with their new fall line-up. The show, Pan Am, is a 60′s powerhouse filled with glam fashion, jet setting locations and action packed scenes! The series takes flight on 9/25 and is sure to be taking up lots of space in my DVR for months to come.

Check out the vintage Pan Am bag from Blue Hawaii Vintage below:

Vintage Pan Am Square Travel Bag

Vintage Pan Am Square Souvenir Bag

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Blue Hawaii Vintage as seen in Marie Claire August 2011 Issue!

Blue Hawaii Mention in Marie Claire August 2011 Issue

Blue Hawaii Vintage Mention in August Issue of Marie Claire

I can’t tell you how thrilled we were to hear that Blue Hawaii Vintage was mentioned in Marie Claire’s August Issue. It’s such an honor to be named alongside such other great Jersey Shore destinations!

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We have takeoff! Blue Hawaii Vintage is open for business in Asbury Park!

Store window view of the launch party.

After months of being MIA from blogging/twitter/fb/Etsy/etc. while feverishly working on renovating the rented storefront,  we finally opened the doors of Blue Hawaii vintage on 529 Bangs Ave in Asbury Park on 5.7.11!  The launch party was such a huge success and I couldn’t be more thrilled with all the love and support from my friends, family, and the community!

Below are a few pics from the event! Please stop by and check us out in person on Saturdays and Sundays from 11A-7P @ 529 Bangs Ave in Asbury Park or check us out online here.

The lovely ladies who launch!

Delicious Delponte's Cupcakes

Lovely Launch Party Models

Poppin' bottles! Time to celebrate the launch of Blue Hawaii Vintage!

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Calling all Green Brides!

Gorgeous 1950s wedding dress with lace applique!

June is finally here! I’m so excited to finally hit the beach minus the parka and get some much needed QT with the sun! It’s also a popular month for brides everywhere! Green weddings are en vogue throughout the year and having a vintage wedding helps save the environment and can be easier on your wallet too! Here are a few pics from my Etsy shop and other great shops with great items for your wedding day or any other day that you want to make last a lifetime -

Great bridal piece for bride or bridesmaid. Classy chic at its best!

Glam rhinestone shoe clips can be used with open toe shoes to make a one-of-a-kind bridal look.

Dainty birdcage 1950's vintage veil

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Cheeky fun

Vogue  and Sephora were so sweet and let me test the Hourglass Aura Cheek Stain in Flush. I was skeptical because I have never used a liquid blush that I actually liked before.  I prefer the powder compacts.  I was thrilled when after applying the blush with the applicator and rubbing in further with my fingers (you do have to do some blending with the product as it can come out heavy if you dispense too much at once), I was left with a fresh Spring glow on my cheeks. I think this product is perfect for travelling.  I’m going to be travelling a lot for my new job and really need to pack as light as possible.  This product eliminates the need for a brush which is really awesome! Thanks Hourglass for making such a convenient product that works.

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Spring Sherbert



I’m really loving bright hues for Spring.  I picked up this great day dress at an estate sale back in early Winter and can’t stop looking at it lately.  I think it’s a great layering piece and really stands out from many of the current fashion trends.

I also find that with this style of vintage dress, you can get away with buying one that’s a little big and still make it work. I use the belt to adjust the size and make the waist fit flush to my frame.  This allows the skirt to flare out more and is really flattering.

Now if only the Spring weather was here to stay!

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Organic Foundation with a Twist

I was so luck to be able to test Josie Maran’s Argan Matchmaker Serum Foundation for Vougue Magazine. I couldn’t wait to get the foundation in the mail!

As a vintage lover who tries to be green in both my personal and professional life, I was excited to learn that the product not only contains organic ingredients but is also paraben free and vegan (PETA gave the product it’s seal of approval)!

The product comes in a great purse friendly size and glides on as smooth as silk.  It’s really light and reminds me of the tinted mousturizers products out there. I loved the subtle covereage and the way it glides over any imperfections.  My only concern was that when the chameleon like pigments  changed color to match my skin it was slightly darker than my skin tone.  I made sure to blend well and the end result was really great coverage without any of the normal ‘makeupy’ feel.

I’m definitely going to keep this product in my arsenal.

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Guilty…..I’m a Gleek!

Ever since Glee premiered on Fox, I tried my hardest to stay away. I’m easily addicted to shows involving high school for some reason and as a 30 year old woman, find it somewhat disconcerting. I started watching Glee in the Fall and as suspected am totally hooked.

I found out that OPI was launching a Glee nail color line and was really intrigued. Sadly, vintage nail polish doesn’t quite work like the new stuff, so I always find myself at Sephora picking up the latest colors for the season.

I now am totally obsessed with the show and this new nail color line.  The colors are really fun and fresh for Spring.  I’m currently wearing ‘Slushied’ an d love the way it brings out the bright blues in my vintage floral frocks.

Cheers to high school dramedies and the all the fun polish colors they inspire!

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Vintage St. Patrick’s Day Style

Vintage Green Sweater

Stand out in sequins this St. Pat's

I wanted a way to break out of the cycle of wearing boring mass market tshirts to celebrate the luck of the Irish.  I found this great piece at an estate sale and thought it was the perfect way to get out of the t-shirt rut. Downplay this with jeans and you are ready to hit the the dive bar scene in style on the 17th.

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Welcome to Blue Hawaii Vintage

A big hello to all of you vintage lovers out there! We are finally getting our site up and running! Hurrah!

Blue Hawaii Vintage is an online Etsy  store full of treasures from decades past that allow you to stand out in a sea of sameness.

We’re always on the lookout for new pieces to add to our collection, so please let us know if there is anything in particular that you are searching for. 


Blue Hawaii Vintage