Beauty Boot Camp at Chakra Salon and Spa


I admit it, I’ve been a wash and go girl basically all my life. So, when I heard about a Beauty Boot Camp at Chakra Salon and Spa (conveniently located across the street from Blue Hawaii Vintage in Asbury Park, NJ), I couldn’t say no!


Nancy and Steph 'before' boot camp.

My friend Steph, her friend Nancy and I headed out last night to learn great tips, techniques, and tools to help us tame our tresses.

Ray, the owner of Chakra started the night off with a great talk on the three P’s of styling your own hair – Patience, Practice, and Product. I of course lack all three, so I was nervous, but excited to learn more.


Me sneaking a mirror pic of stylist Cookie helping The Dawg Joint's Cindy tame her tresses.

Kelly, one of Chakra’s stylists taught Steph, Nancy, Cindy from The Dawg Joint, myself and other guests how to dry our hair with a round brush (The thicker the barrel, the better for drying medium-long length hair. (I realized I was using one that was too small and that was why it wasn’t working as well.) She was so patient with us newbies and we all left with amazing looking locks and great tips like:

  • Blow dryers with nozzle attachments help concentrate the airflow and eliminate frizz when used correctly.
  • Always point the nozzle of the dryer down the hair shaft. Blowing air towards the roots will only make the hair frizzy.
  • Ceramic or metal round brushes allow you to get more curl and set the hair, but for a newbie, wooden round brushes work best so you don’t expose your hair to too much heat.
  • Root lifter is essential to add volume to fine hair. Kelly used Purology’s product, but I also have used Pantene’s root lifter with similar (but not quite as voluminous) results.

Ray and Cookie helping out Cindy at boot camp.

Thanks to Timitra, we also learned the power of massage and how it can really help you destress and relax during the crazy holiday season.

Definitely stop by Chakra Salon the next time you need pamper yourself or even get a quick trim. They are so awesome, and the ambiance is so relaxing, it makes it hard to leave.  Make sure to follow their facebook page to learn more tips and happenings at their salon.


Thanks so much to Ray, Kelly, and all the Chakra staff for hosting such an amazing girls night out and giving us the tools for perfecting our look. It was this vintage girl’s dream come true.

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