Getting A Little Wicked in Manhattan

Last night one of my besties Maria and I had the pleasure of stopping by A Little Wicked in Manhattan and checking out their amazing blogger event. Since opening the store, I miss my days of being in the city and it was such a treat to go in for the night!

I wore these amazing 60s enamel clip on flower/rhinestone earrings, my Nana’s locket necklace, and and Ivory bracelet. I paired the jewels with a 60′s pink and grey striped wool dress, 50′s patent leather handbag, and 80′s slouchy black leather heels.  So fun!

Meghan with Bianca from A Little Wicked

Bianca and Robyn were so warm and gracious, going into their store felt like coming home. If you are in NYC, you must check out their vintage store.  The store is amazingly open and airy for being in the middle of Manhattan and carries tons of women’s vintage clothing, accessories and jewelry. I loved the ethnic printed sweaters, furs, and amazing leather boots.  I got a real earthy vibe from the collection and was so excited to find two people as obsessed with vintage as I am!

Meghan and Maria with Sammy from Sammy Davis Vintage

I found out about the event through the super rad (never really use those two words together, but it really describes her) Sammy Davis from Sammy Davis Vintage. She is really such an inspiration to me.  I love her approach to vintage as attainable and not stuffy and snooty as some vintage experts can make you feel. Definitely check out her website and how-to videos. They are chock-full of great advice on getting the vintage look on a budget.

I also got my Betty Draper on thanks to the lovely Siobhan Benson from Wonderland Beauty Parlor! Watch out Don!

I’m back in Jersey for the weekend, but was so happy to have gotten A Little Wicked last night!

Party shot from A Little Wicked - 279 E. Houston St. in Manhattan



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