Double Duty Rouge


I started wearing Besame Cosmetics’ Crimson Cream┬ávintage inspired rouge a few months back and also started stocking it in the store. For $22, it’s a great buy as it doubles as both a blush and lip stain. I was skeptical at first using one product for both, but it actually works out great. Wearing the color on your cheeks give you a slight pink dewy glow. If you want a darker look on your cheeks, you can apply more of the rouge. I love the way it feels on your lips too. It’s almost like a lip balm more than a lipstick feel. It’s super moist with a little shine and loads of great color.

The crimson retro color is not as red as a true red, but not as pink as lighter shades. It’s the perfect inbetween color to take you from day to night.

Below is the latest writeup of the product in the February 2012 issue of Marie Claire as well as two shots of me on New Year’s Eve wearing it. I like a really light blush look and loads of color on my lips, so I applied accordingly. It went great with my vintage 60′s mother-of-the-bride embellished sheath dress (and matching jacket not shown) and Nana’s rhinestone clip-on earrings. Now I’m on the quest to find other double duty products that can save me time in my beauty routine!


Marie Claire February 2012 Issue Mention of Besame's Crimson Rouge

Wearing Besame Crimson Rouge

Besame Crimson Rouge on Cheeks and Lips


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