Mad Men Fashion and Beauty for the Masses


I’m so psyched for our Mad Men viewing party on 3/25 and I seem to come across references to Mad Men everywhere I go! While I prefer the actual vintage frocks from the 60′s to wear and am addicted to the retro inspired Besame Cosmetics makeup line, there are so many options now where you can buy new garments and makeup that pay homage to the timeless style of the 60′s.

Some people prefer these options because in terms of clothing,  they have never been worn and you can easily find the style in various sizes unlike true ‘vintage’ pieces which are usually only found in one size due to the rarity of the item. For the makeup lover, the new makeup lines can make it slightly easier to buy, but beware because limited editions are ‘limited’, so if you want a lipstick that you can wear season after season, you might want to stick with an established line, so you know you can get it when you need it.

Banana Republic has its latest Mad Men collection currently in stores and the price points are really reasonable. This cute pink number is very wearable and the perfect pop of color for Spring!

Betty Dress in Future Pink - $150


Estee Lauder is also getting on the Mad Men bandwagon with a line of makeup debuting on March 18 and available on and only. This dreamy line will have a limited-edition Estée Lauder Mad Men Collection Crème Rouge, a cream blush, and a lipstick in Cherry. All will be adorned with delightfully 60′s gold packaging and the lipstick will come in the traditional bullet casing with a carrying gold pouch according to

Estee Lauder's Mad Men Collection

So put on your Mad Men makeup and Betty inspired dress and get comfy for the 2-hour season premiere on 3/25 at 9PM on AMC!


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