Sweet Vintage Sweaters

I absolutely am a total sucker for anything with do-dads (as I call them). Vintage embroidered sweaters never disappoint and are adorned with pretty appliques, beads, and/or lots of sequins!

I was trying to find a cute vintage outfit the other night for a holiday benefit party and wanted something casual but still fun. I opted for black skinny jeans and paired them with this cute yellow vintage acrylic sweater. The thing is itchy as heck, but it looks so darn cute and was bearable with a long-sleeved layering top.

Caring for Vintage Sweaters

I picked up my yellow sweater at a local flea market several years back and it has held up extremely well throughout several washings. Key to taking care of these delicate garments is handwashing in cold water and woolite dark so the colors don’t bleed. I’ve also heard Ivory liquid soap is another great alternative. I put the majority of my vintage garments on a wood drying rack to air dry. This keeps them looking fab for years to come.

You can find vintage sweaters at most thrift stores, vintage stores, and local flea markets. The good ones will run you about $50+, but you can get a decent one similar to what I have on for around $20.

Moth Patrol

The biggest piece of vintage shopping advice I can give people is to ‘check the garment throughly’. I can’t tell you how much time and effort I’ve spend finding the most amazing dress, coat or sweater only to take it out in the light and find it covered with moth holes.  A whole or two can be easily fixed (check out this tutorial - It’s my go-to for repairing pesky moth holes), but it really isn’t worth the time or effort to care for something with more than a few holes. Check even in the most reputable of dealers. I found moth holes in countless garments at the high-end LA stores I went to on vacation. A little detective work in the store will save you time in the long run!

Stay warm!



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