Light up your lashes this holiday season with Diorshow Mascara


I was thrilled at the opportunity to try Diorshow, Dior’s cult classic mascara through People’s Style Watch.

Diorshow Mascara

Diorshow Mascara - My lashes just look naked without it.

I started using Diorshow as soon as I got the sample and have been receiving compliments ever since. This is pretty amazing seeing as I have been getting zero sleep between having a newborn and being out of our house for 6 weeks due to the hurricane.

The mascara really seemed to plump up and lengthen my lashes. They looked better than when I had worn falsies for events in the past. What I liked even more was that it didn’t smudge off like my normal mascara but did actually come off easier when I went to remove it at night. Today I actually forgot to put it on before leaving the house and when I saw my reflection, I felt like my eyes were naked!

This past Saturday we had our holiday party and for the first time in months I actually dressed up and did my makeup. It felt great to dress up and wearing Diorshow really allowed me to get that vintage glam look I wanted and let me shine. It’s definitely a must have for any makeup bag and I plan on stocking up for holiday gifts this year!

Blue Hawaii Vintage Holiday Party

60s Glam for the Blue Hawaii Vintage Holiday Party

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