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Catch us at the Clover Market on 4/14 in Ardmore, PA

It was so hard to close the doors of our storefront this week, but thankfully we have The Clover Market to look forward on Sunday! It’s an amazing outdoor market with 100+ vendors selling all the vintage and handmade wares you crave!

We are so lucky to be a part of the event and delighted that we will be there for the next two installments on May 19th and June 9th!

Hope to see you there!

The Clover Market
Sunday 4/14 – 10AM-5PM
12 East Lancaster Ave. Ardmore, PA

The Clover Market 4/14 - 10-5PM - 12 East Lancaster Ave. Ardmore, PA

Posted on by Meghan Gerrity

Rainy Day Chic

Decked out in my vintage bubble 60s umbrella and rain slicker ready for the floods!

I am the worst when the weather goes south. I wish New Jersey had California’s weather, but until then I have to get creative to make our numerous rainy days more bright! I was off to our Lousy Bowling league yesterday (yes that is the actual name, and with my high score of 44 yesterday, it’s nothing if not accurate) and of course was not prepared for the sudden downpour as I closed up the shop. I pulled a few things from the store and came up with this lovely look that kept me dry all night!

I paired a vintage 60′s bubble umbrella ($30 in the store) with a rain jacket I picked up at a garage sale ($5) with some great leather vintage boots that I got on Etsy and resoled ($25). Vintage umbrellas are a really good buy because they were made much better than today’s bargain brands and they look fabulous! What more could you ask for!

Bring on the rain!